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Youth Development League Report

Youth Development League Report

01 Jun 2022

It was a successful weekend for our junior athletes in Solihull, as an Upper Age Group team travelled to compete in the second Midland Youth Development League North & East C Fixture of the summer.

 Strong performances across the board, with a number of athletes competing in multiple events for the team, saw Shrewsbury take a dominant victory with 322 points over Bromsgrove and Redditch AC (230) in second and Cannock and Stafford AC (215) in third. This means that with one fixture left to play this summer, Shrewsbury are top of the league and potentially winning a place in the play-offs for promotion.

 Special mention goes to sprinter Lucas Ellam, who competed up an age group in the U20 Men's 100 and 200m and PBs of 12.1s/24.2s. It was also pleasing to see 8 athletes show real team spirit by competing in the throws, bringing home valuable points for the team. The Men's 4x400m relay team finished the day on a high, winning in a strong 04:13.6.

Full results as follows: 

100m U20 Men A. 3rd Lucas ELLAM (U17) SHREW 12.1

100m U20 Men B. 1st Jacob HENMAN CLARKE (U20)SHREW 12.1

200m U20 Men A. 4th Lucas ELLAM (U17) SHREW 24.2

200m U20 Men B. 1st Jacob HENMAN CLARKE (U20)SHREW 24.5

400m U20 Men A. 2nd Joe GILLING (U20) SHREW 58.5

1500m U20 Men A. 2nd Joe GILLING (U20) SHREW 04:33.8

3000m U20 Men A. 1st Jude LINS (U20) SHREW 09:16.2

110m Hurdles U20 Men A. 1st Joshua INPONG-PIRARD (U20) SHREW 16.2

Long Jump U20 Men A. 2nd Joshua INPONG-PIRARD (U20) SHREW 5.17 -0.4

Shot U20 Men A. 1st Joe GILLING (U20) SHREW 5.97

Discus U20 Men A. 1st Joshua INPONG-PIRARD (U20) SHREW 16.56

Discus U20 Men B. 1st Jude LINS (U20) SHREW 15.55

Javelin U20 Men A. 1st Jacob HENMAN CLARKE (U20) SHREW 23.86

4 x 100m U20 Men A. 1st. Ianto CLOSS (U17), Joshua INPONG-PIRARD (U20), Jacob HENMAN CLARKE (U20), Lucas ELLAM (U17) SHREW 46.8

4 x 400m U20 Men A. 1st. George ANDREWS (U17), Daniel NEWMAN (U17), Jude LINS (U20), Jed GODFREY (U17) SHREW 04:13.6


100m U20 Women A. 2nd Laura HULME (U20) SHREW 13.5

200m U20 Women A. 2nd Laura HULME (U20) SHREW 27.6

200m U20 Women B. 2nd Evie LOGAN (U20) SHREW 29.0

400m U20 Women A. 3rd Evie LOGAN (U20) SHREW 67.3

Long Jump U20 Women A. 2nd Laura HULME (U20) SHREW 4.77 0

Discus U20 Women A. 2nd Evie LOGAN (U20) SHREW 13.81

4 x 100m U20 Women A. 1st. Laura HULME (U20), Madeleine PARSONS (U17), Evie LOGAN (U20), Madeleine AISTON (U17) SHREW 51.6


100m U17 Men A. 1st Ianto CLOSS (U17) SHREW 12.4

100m U17 Men B. 3rd Harry MORRIS (U17) SHREW 13.8

200m U17 Men A. 1st Ianto CLOSS (U17) SHREW 24.9

200m U17 Men B. 1st Jed GODFREY (U17) SHREW 26.2

400m U17 Men A. 3rd Jed GODFREY (U17) SHREW 61.5

800m U17 Men A. 3rd George ANDREWS (U17) SHREW 02:23.2

800m U17 Men B. 2nd Harry MORRIS (U17) SHREW 02:32.4

1500m U17 Men A. 2nd Daniel NEWMAN (U17) SHREW 04:49.5

1500m U17 Men B. 1st George ANDREWS (U17) SHREW 05:38.3


100m U17 Women A. 3rd Madeleine AISTON (U17) SHREW 13.1

100m U17 Women B. 2nd Lilly PARKES (U17) SHREW 13.7

200m U17 Women A. 4th Madeleine AISTON (U17) SHREW 27.2

200m U17 Women B. 1st Madeleine PARSONS (U17) SHREW 27.4

300m U17 Women A. 2nd Lilly PARKES (U17) SHREW 46.6


Report compiled by Matt Wooden and Jess Foster