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World and British Transplant Games success for club athlete

World and British Transplant Games success for club athlete

04 Aug 2017

The club's World Transplant Games multiple gold medalist Andy Lewis has returned from the British Transplant Games with another clutch of gold medals. Less than 4 weeks after returning from Malaga with gold medals in the 400m, 800m, 1500m on the track and 5km road race Andy travelled to North Lanarkshire for the British Games. His aim was to see if he could achieve a target he set 10 months ago. The challenge was to see if he could become British, European and World gold medalist in these 4 events in one Games cycle.


''It was going to be hard to achieve as the running events in the British Games take place on 2 consecutive days – the 5km run on the Saturday evening, then the 3 track events on the Sunday. Just to make things a bit more challenging I'd entered the 10km cycling road race on the Friday evening. But – nothing ventured, nothing gained.''


Andy returned from the 2016 European Transplant Games with gold medals in the 4 running events. 2017 would be the first time he'd attempted the 5km run at the British Games although he'd had success in the track events the previous year.


''I know from my training for the World Games that I was stronger than previous years and thought this would help. It was always going to be a real challenge and I was so pleased when it all worked out. While I didn't manage to set any personal best times I was close in all 4 events. The 800m was the final event on the Sunday and I was very tired but very happy when I crossed that finishing line.''


Andy also won a gold medal in the cycling. When combined with the running results this meant that he won the Heart Research UK Trophy, awarded to the Best Super Veteran Male at the Games.


''This was a complete surprise. I was queueing for my meal at the Celebration Event and heard them announce my name. Not wanting to lose my place in the queue I hesitated for a moment before collecting the trophy and certificate.''


North Lanarkshire were super hosts and the Games were very well organised, taking place at great venues. In 2018 the British Games come to Birmingham and the track and field events will take place at Alexandra Stadium.


Photo. Andy Lewis with a good lead in the 800m in Malaga.