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U13/15 Youth Development League Results. Telford 8.5.22

U13/15 Youth Development League Results. Telford 8.5.22

12 May 2022
This weekend saw our Under 15s and Under 13s competing in the Midland Region (North&East) Youth Development League Meet in Telford.

We had a great turnout, with 31 athletes in total competing, many competing as many as 3 or 4 events.

Credit goes to race winners Lily Harrison, winner of the U15G 7m Hurdles in 13.4s while also competing in the Long Jump and 4x100m relay, Bridget Williams, who won the U15G High Jump in 1.30m and also ran in the 100m, 4x100 and 4x300m relays, Alice Parke, winner of the U13G 70m Hurdles in 14.5s and also running the 4x100 and Manon Closs, who won the U13G Javelin with a throw of 21.87m and also ran the 800m.

It's not all about the individual winners of course, and there were results to be proud of throughout the team. We've included a full breakdown of the results below. Well done to everyone who competed, it will be great to see you continue throughout the summer.

The overall results saw Shrewsbury AC finish in 3rd place behind Cannock and Stafford and City of Stoke AC, with much still to be decided over 2 more rounds this summer.

YDL 8 May, Telford

200m U15B
4th Jake HOPKINS Shrew 27.5

1500m U15B
2nd Jake HOPKINS Shrew 04:38.6

Long Jump U15B
3rd Jake HOPKINS Shrew 4.21

100m U15G
2nd (A race) Bridget WILLIAMS Shrew 13.5
3rd (B race) Roisin ELLAM Shrew 14.7

200m U15G
2nd (A race)Menna PUGSLEY Shrew 28.1
4th (B race) Ellie WILLIAMS Shrew 30.7

300m U15G
2nd (A race) Menna PUGSLEY Shrew 43.9
4 th(B race) Emily HALL Shrew 51.3

1500m U15G
1st (A race) Bethany TROW Shrew 04:43.5
3rd (B race) Elsa LOVELOCK Shrew 05:26.7

75m Hurdles U15G
1st Lily HARRISON Shrew 13.4

Long Jump U15G
4th (A jump) Menna PUGSLEY Shrew 3.90
2nd (B jump) Lily HARRISON Shrew 3.49

High Jump U15G
1 (A jump) Bridget WILLIAMS Shrew 1.30
1 (B jump) Ellie WILLIAMS Shrew 1.25

Shot U15G
4th (A throw) Ellie WILLIAMS Shrew 5.09

Discus U15G
3rd (A throw) Emily HALL Shrew 8.11
2nd (B throw) Roisin ELLAM Shrew 7.45

Javelin U15G
4th (A throw) Emily HALL Shrew 9.09
2nd (B throw) Roisin ELLAM Shrew 8.25

4x100m U15G
3rd Roisin ELLAM, Bridget WILLIAMS, Ellie WILLIAMS, Lily HARRISON Shrew 56.0

4x300m U15G
4th Emily HALL, Elsa LOVELOCK, Bridget WILLIAMS, Menna PUGSLEY Shrew 03:09.9

75m U13B
4th (A race)Harry MARSTON-JONES Shrew 11.8
2nd (B race) Tobey JONES Shrew 12.0

75m U13B
1st Jacob SMITH Shrew 11.6
2nd Rowan COLECLOUGH Shrew 12.1

150m U13B
2nd (A race) Alexander POOLE Shrew 21.9
3rd (B race) George WOOD Shrew 25.4

800m U13B
3rd (A race) Jake JONES Shrew 02:55.8
2nd (B race) Rowan COLECLOUGH Shrew 03:12.3

1200m U13B
3rd (A race) Harry MARSTON-JONES Shrew 04:12.8
2nd (B race) Tobey JONES Shrew 04:54.6

Long Jump U13B
4th Alexander POOLE Shrew 3.74

High Jump U13B
2nd Harry MARSTON-JONES Shrew 1.15

Shot U13B
3rd Rowan COLECLOUGH Shrew 5.31

Javelin U13B
4th (A throw) Jake JONES Shrew 11.79
1st (B throw) George WOOD Shrew 10.25

4x100m U13B
2nd George WOOD, Tobey JONES, Alexander POOLE, Harry MARSTON-JONES Shrew 63.0

75m U13G
3rd (A race) Lily PAYNE Shrew 11.6
3rd (B race) Poppy SMITH Shrew 11.7

75m U13G
3rd Ellie ROBINSON Shrew 12.4
4th Eleanor LIDSTER Shrew 13.0

150m U13G
4th (A race) Lucy BENTLEY Shrew 25.3
3rd (B race) Megan BALDWIN Shrew 25.3

800m U13G
4th (A race) Manon CLOSS Shrew 02:47.6
4th (B race) Emelia HARVEY Shrew 03:09.9

800m U13G
4th Megan LIDSTER Shrew 03:12.7 4
5th Lilith BURGOYNE Shrew 03:31.6

1200m U13G
3rd (A race) Megan BUCKINGHAM Shrew 04:33.7
2nd (B race) Olivia HAYMAN Shrew 04:39.7

70m Hurdles U13G
1st Alice PARKE Shrew 14.5

Long Jump U13G
5th (A jump) Megan BUCKINGHAM Shrew 3.41
4th (B jump) Lilith BURGOYNE Shrew 3.13

High Jump U13G
2nd (A jump) Grace KINSEY Shrew 1.20
1st= (B jump) Elin WHITE Shrew 1.20

Shot U13G
3rd (A throw) Eleanor LIDSTER Shrew 4.72
2nd (B throw) Ellie ROBINSON Shrew 3.04

Javelin U13G
1st (A throw) Manon CLOSS Shrew 21.87
1st (B throw) Megan LIDSTER Shrew 10.36

4x100m U13G
3rd Lily PAYNE, Poppy SMITH, Alice PARKE, Lucy BENTLEY Shrew 62.2