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Coronavirus - Club Training Update 14.3.20

Coronavirus - Club Training Update 14.3.20

14 Mar 2020
Following the latest news/instruction from the government, we feel we are ok to carry on with training as normal for now. All of the current information available suggests that outdoor activities, with the kind of numbers we're dealing with at the track are relatively low risk. 
We think ultimately the decision to stop training will be made for us, before we have to make one ourselves. 
If the college closes, we'll have to stop. 
If the schools close, we'll have to stop. 
If we start having coaches out of action, we'll have to stop. 
Until then we leave it to the coaches and athletes to be sensible. With the usual rules applying regarding symptoms and self quarantine.
As events unfold, any decision by coaches to stop offering training sessions will be supported by the club. Where possible we will try to find cover but this may not always be possible. 
If or when anything changes to the above you will be informed by your coaches in the first instance. Please make sure they have your up to date contact details. We will email and update the website as and when we have any new information. But for now, enjoy your training and stay safe