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Christmas Handicap 2017 Results

Christmas Handicap 2017 Results

22 Dec 2017

Thanks to everyone who took part or officiated in the 2017 SAC Club Christmas Handicap Race. This year's race saw Steve Turk move up 7 places to take an impressive victory while looking strong throughout. It was also noteable for a course record by Paul Jones with a time of 18.09 on the approx 3.4 mile course (average pace 5.20/mile). With 12 finishers, numbers were slightly down on last year but still solid.

Please see here for full results. We are proposing to vary the route next year and hold the race in a different part of town. Kudos to Haydn and Kev who took part in each of the 4 races held on this course.


Pic. Steve Turk (left) receiving the coveted trophy from Steve Waters, event organiser