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Shropshire Young Athletes League cross country

Shropshire Young Athletes League cross country

15 Nov 2018

The first SYAL cross country took place at Lilleshall on Sunday the 16th September. Shrewsbury U11 Girls finished in 2nd place - only 2 points behind the leaders, what a fantastic result -  Bethany Trow 1st, Jess Turner 16th, Emily Hall 20th and Rosanna (new)  23rd

U11 Boys finished in 5th place, Adam Bentham 2nd, Zach McKenna 6th, Jamie Owen (new) 32nd

U13 Girls finished in 1st place. Lucy Newell 1st, Olivia Clarke 6th,, Jasmine Barrett 7th, Amelie Owen 8th, Lillie Dean 24th, Savannah Hughes 25th, and Georgie Trow 28th

U13 Boys finished in 5th place Adam Edwards 2nd, Finlay Bevan  Wood  21st, Freddie Allwood 34th

U15 Boy Alfie Dean   11th

U15 Girls - 6th place Iris Downes      2nd Esme Haycocks 8th

U17 Boys Joe Gilling    7th

U17 Girls  Jess Gunner  3rd


The second SYAL cross country fixture took place at Oldbury Wells School Bridgnorth on 21st October we had 9 athletes in the top ten and two just outside, congratulations to U11B Adam Bentham 1st  U11G Bethany Trow 1st U13G Lucy Newell 2nd U17G Jess Gunner 3rd 

U11 Girls Bethany Trow 1st, Jess Turner 14th, Emily Hall 23rd, Rosanna Price 24th, Girls you finished in 4th place only 3 points behind 2nd and 3rd teams who had equal points.

U11 Boys team of Adam Bentham 1st, Noah Killeen (new) 4th, Zach McKenna 11, Zach Banks 25, Jamie Owen 37, and Alexander Glausiusz 42, the team finished in 2nd place, well done boys this is a great result.

U13 Girls team of Lucy Newell 2nd, Amelie Owen 6th, Jasmine Barrett 8th, Georgia Trow 24th, Savannah Hughes 28th, Lillie Dean 29th, Georgia Dhaliwal (new) 48th, Amber Daniels Sanders (new) 51st, Jessica Evans (new)54th. Girls you finished as 1st team again, well done 13 points ahead of next team.

U13 Boys well done Finlay Bevan Wood 19th, our only SAC athlete.

U15 Boys well done Alfie Dean 10th and Jack Margerison 14th

U17 Girls - Well done Jess Gunner 3rd

U17 Boys - Well done Joe Gilling 9th


The third meeting of the SYAL cross country was held on the 11th November at Meole Brace School. We had three teams in 1st place, the U11 Girls, U11 Boys and U13 Girls, what a fantastic result on such a hard course. The U13 boys finished as 3rd team on the day, well worth the effort boys.

U11 Girls - Bethany Trow 1st, Jess Turner 11th, Emily Hall 16th and Rosanna Price24th, and Faye Pritchard (new)

U11 Boys – Adam Bentham 2nd, Noah Killeen 6th, Zach McKenna 8th, Zach Banks 20th and Hugh Allwood 28th.

U13 Girls – Lucy Newell 2nd, Olivia Clarke 6th, Jasmine Barrett 9th, Amelie Owen 11th, Savannah Hughes 20th, Lillie Dean 28th, Rosie Zlotowitz 34th, Georgie Trow 43rd and Amber Daniels Saunders 60th.

U13 Boys – Adam Edwards 2nd, Jack Kinrade 3rd, Freddie Allwood 28th, Finlay Bevan Wood 32nd and Monty Oliver 33rd.

U15 Girls - we had two runners Iris Downes 3rd and Bella Hunt

U15 Boys - we had two runners Alfie Dean 12th and Connor Burns 14th

U17 Girls - Jess Gunner 2nd and Emily Pyle 11th


CONGRATULATIONS TO THOSE U13’s WHO HAVE BEEN CHOSEN TO REPRESENT THE COUNTY IN DECEMBER. The selection has been taken from the school cross country meetings and the Shropshire young athletes league results. LUCY NEWELL, OLIVIA CLARKE, AMELIE OWEN, ADAM EDWARDS, JACK KINRADE, FINLAY BEVAN WOOD