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Lockdown training with Grace Hough

Lockdown training with Grace Hough

27 Jun 2020
During the lockdown period of the corona virus outbreak, athletes have been unable to train in our usual big groups at the track. The track is still closed up to Friday of this week. I have tried to put in place some sort of alternative training for endurance athletes in the age group I usually coach on Monday evening. I sent emails to athletes and parents and I have had positive responses. On a first come basis I now have two groups of five, training, on Monday and Wednesday. The dilemma is I have a waiting list of others wanting to join in. I am considering Telford Track hire as an alternative but have not pursued this as yet as parents are now returning to work and their time is limited. An added complication is I have somehow severely damaged my knee which needed hospital treatment and I cannot walk or drive, so training might have to be postponed for the coming week. It looks as though we will be looking towards the cross-country season for our next competition goals.